Who we are

agevolando-chi-siamoAgevolando was born from the initiative of youngsters who live “far from their families” (in communities, custody, foster families) and who wanted to collaborate in order to help other boys and girls in their same situation, facing the conclusion of tutelage programs.

The essential value that inspires us is to be able to activate and involve the youngsters themselves. Moreover, thanks to the dedication of the volunteer members (youngsters, operators, citizens..) operating in the several headquarters, Agevolando works hard in order to create relational, working and residential opportunities, developing and supporting a network between subjects and institutions/corporations directly concerned in the matter.
The association develops raising-awareness activities about the situation of the on-age youngsters and their needs, in order to be able to operate in political, normative and cultural contexts.

We are about 150 members, 40 of which are ex-guests of underage communities and/or foster families.
We mostly operate in Emilia Romagna, Trentino, Sardegna, Verona and Napoli.
We are willing to start and create new headquarters around Italy, but the initial support of organizations and people passionate about their territory, as well as a potential number of active youngsters, is fundamental.

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